Pectinia coral: Care advice?

7 Feb 2015
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Hi everyone,

So I have had this coral for a few days now and doing research have found very conflicting opinions. Liveaquaria classifies this coral as difficult with others (including a few posts on Reef Central as well as the local LFS) claiming that it is a relatively easy coral to care for.

I target feed all my corals some phyto, zooplankton and lobster eggs twice a week...

I will test this week again to ensure that Alk, Cal and Mg is good!

Any other advice regarding this coral?


most difficult coral i have ever kept , i lost several in a well maintained stable system , treat it just like any sps but target feed it , i dosed my tank with 20ml of red sea reef energy A and B after switching all pumps off , then 30 min later target fed with goiniopower , i did this twice a week and managed to keep one for just over a year ill try find a pic now
hope that works , you can see mine on the floor in the middle
Looks good in the picture!

What sort of flow did you have reaching your pectinia?
i would give it a go , people told me my Ora red goniopora would die and it grew to the size of a soccer ball , all coral are different ive lost zoas and then seen pieces of donated sps in bad condition turn around and take off , just keep a close eye on it , what other coral do you have , also whats you po4 at ? and what lights are you running
i had a 4000lp flow pump under that ledge aimed straight at it , i found it didnt like anything settling on it at all
what other coral do you have , also whats you po4 at ? and what lights are you running

I have a frogspawn, torch, trumpet, some GSP, zoas, then some small montipora (plating), montipora (branching) and birdsnest frags... Also have a gorgonian which is doing well (will post a tank shot now)... PO4 is reading zero but I have some algae on the rocks that I think is living off the light (I dose 0.8ml of NOPOX everyday)... For lighting I am using two ecotech radion gen 2's...

The montipora (branching) was the first frag added (was going to be thrown away at the LFS) and has almost doubled in size in the last 2 months so I am hoping that this is a good sign for the pectinia...

all looks good from here , i reckon just keep a close eye on it
All good so far with the pectinia! The more reading I do, the more nervous I get as far as its care goes though...

My Ca, Mg and Alk were all a bit low last week but have started dosing and all parameters seem to have come up nicely...

Anyone else have some thoughts and ideas regarding this coral?
Rob, what happened to your Pectinia? I saw one in a fish store today and it looked stunning. Do they need special care? I am really considering buying one.
Beautiful coral! As long as your parameters are in check, this really isn't too difficult of a coral to keep (my experience at least)...

It really does have incredibly long sweeper tentacles though which I didn't see until 2am the one morning so give it plenty of space. Other than that keep Alk, Mg and Ca constant and I doubt you will have many issues with this coral...
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