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Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by J Groenewoud, 11 Feb 2008.

  1. J Groenewoud

    J Groenewoud

    10 Dec 2007
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    :razz: :razz: Morning Hennie
    Thanks for the detail answer and sorry for replying only now.
    It is such a fantastic hobby with new things everyday. It is even interfering with with my general house relation ships. Never the less it is a good interference.
    What i mean by ready for use water = mixed saltwater. By live water i mean water coming out of an excisting tank, there fore trusting that you will have a quiker start
    Needless to say that perceptions were not effective, time will cure a tank only.
    I do have a 100L tank(Nano) running also a protieen skimmer and a Einheim proffessional biological pump with it. It is time demanding with only a 100l of water, meaning that it needs more care faster and regular. Sea horses wich is slow feeders i have 2 in the tank the last 6 weeks and yhey look great, further to that, a mix of soft corrals a yellow tang, Goldy, small rash and some cleaner prawns all living in peace together

    Thanks for the help and kind regards

    Derek Groenewoud
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  3. Reef Maniac

    Reef Maniac

    15 May 2007
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    Hi Derek,

    My pleasure, and no problem...

    I would suggest that you reconsider keeping the yellow tang in such a small tank. Tangs are grazers, and in the ocean each tang has a territory of roughly the size of an olympic swimming pool which it constantly patrolls - keeping it in such a small tank as yours would be very stressful for the fish, especially if it grows. This could lead to the tang becomming aggressive, and/or prone to disease, and although they can live for more than 15-20 years in nature, their life expectancy in such a small tank would be drastically reduced.

    Good luck with the tank - or should I say with the lifestyle :)
    Keep us informed of progress, and post some photos, if you don't mind - we love photos...

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