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    It’s bee a while since we’ve covered a reef from our English speaking cousins, but this reef from Paul K is sure to make any Irish reefer proud. Featuring a large amount of show sized colonies and colorful coral coloration this is the kind of tank that get’s our heart beating ever faster. There is just something about those large colorful Acropora colonies that manages captures our attention.


    The main display of Paul K’s reef measures* 52 by 24 by 23.5 inches (132 by 62 by 60 cm) and has an approximate volume of 130 gallons (490 liters).* Along with a sump measuring 48 by 20 by 15 inches* (120 x 50 x 39) the total system volume comes down to around 190 gallons (725 Liters). Flow within the system is provided by two Vortech MP40 pumps in reefcrest mode in combination with a Vortech MP10 pump on the other side of the tank. The corals are illuminated by an ATI Powermodule T5 fixture with eight 54W fluorescent bulbs.


    A small Korralen Zucht skimmer along with activated carbon in a filter sock take care of most nutrient removal, with a Korallen Zucht S Zeovit reactor containing 1.1L of stones doing the final polishing. A* Deltec CA reactor fed by a IKS vario blue II pump serves as a calcium reactor setup. Temperature, ph, Density and lights are all controlled by an Aquatronica controllers. Paul K additionally doses zeovit in the following amounts and frequencies:

    • 1.4L Zeolites with reactor flow of 400L /hr
    • 2 X 0.3ml Start3 daily
    • 5 drops BAC 2 X Weekly
    • 5 drops of SP 2 X Weekly
    • 5 drops of CV 2 X Weekly
    • 4 drops of AA 2 X weekly
    • 3 drops Iodine









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