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    Parioglossus*is a relatively small genus of mini dartfishes that seldom enter the trade. P. dotui and P. philippinus are probably the only two species that appear with any regularity. Unlike the more conventional dartfishes, this genus boats of relatively small sized and drab coloured species, except for one. Parioglossus winterbottomi*(pictured above by Toshiyiku suzuki) is a viciously colourful species found in India that almost never sees the light of export.

    [​IMG]A recent specimen from Bengal, India. Photo by Saumya chakrabarti.

    P. winterbottomi was described by Suzuki, Yonezawa and Sakaue in 2010 and named after one of the world’s authority of*Gobioidei (Dr. R. Winterbottom). The species is most commonly found in shallow water mudflats, where the water is brackish and turbid. However like some species in the genus, it can probably adapt well to waters of higher salinity. Dr. Anthony Gill reports keeping Parioglossus marginalis in a brackish water set up, which also did equally well in freshwater.

    Unfortunately for us, P. winterbottomi is rare and almost never exported out. Specimens are mostly kept domestically or at most to surrounding nearby countries. Based on success and ease in aquaculture of certain Parioglossus species, it may be a worthy investment to try and procure at least a breeding pair for safe keeping or breeding advancements.

    Parioglossus are shy and timid, and do best in tanks with similarly peaceful and small inhabitants. This rainbow dartfish will probably never see the likes of your aquarium though, so it’s best you keep that jaw closed and drool wiped off from that keyboard.
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