parasites and need help to remove them

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    hi guys i need some help i a yellow fin surgeon and he has got this parasite close to his head i cant take a pic of the parasite but is i fairly small oval shape 1-2mm transparent moves over the surface of the fishes body in a wave like motion it is some what like a leech had them before of a puffer but he was easy to catch and remove off the fish but i dont have this option now as the fish is small and hides in the reef and was asking if anyone has ideas on how to catch the surgeon with out ripping my reef up maybe a cleaner shrimp :whistling:
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    I would try to catch the fish and then ID the parasite, leave a net in the tank for a week or so and feed in front of it, hopefully by then you should be able to scoop it up quickly.
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    Some "common" fish parasites, are isopods. As far as I know, the only way to really get these off, are manual removal. BUT, then the fish has to be placed in a "hospital tank" to heal up, with some strong vitamins/fortified foods..... Before placing the fish back in to the main display tank.

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