Parasite control with cleaners

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    12 Jul 2010
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    Wilgeheuwel, JHB
    Hi guys

    I want to know what you guys have experienced in terms of using cleaners in your tank to control parasites. From what i understand these are the guys who do the job...

    Skunk cleaner shrimps
    Fire shrimps
    Cleaner wrasse
    Neon cleaner goby

    I have a skunk and it is fascinating to watch him mount my bigger fish, especially the foxface. Problem is he never gets to the smaller fish, or should i say the smaller fish never bother visiting the cleaner at his station.

    I know that the wrasse is a bad idea with them not being suitable for tanks and captivity but it would do a better job getting to the smaller fish and cleaning them.

    What about the neon goby and fire shrimp, do they do the job ?
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  3. magman


    31 Jul 2009
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    Richards Bay
    the fish go to the shrimp when they want to be cleaned, but the problem with a wrasse is that they constantly bother the fish, imagine a fish with ws, the wrasse see it as a moving gourmet, and constantly harrass the fish to get to the ws, and the fish is already under stress. I would say if you want it for sick stressed fish, rather get a bunch of cleaner shrimp.
  4. Adee


    5 Aug 2009
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    Weltevredenpark - JHB
    I've had a cleaner wrasse that almost worried a Copperband to death. That said all my tangs and him are best mates.
    My cleanershrimps often get some action as well. Its hard to tell though what parasites if any they nibble on.

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