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    Paracheilinus rennyae*is a new species of flasher wrasse recently described with a very unique and distinct outline to its profile. Looking not unlike the smooth edged Paracheilinus octotaenia from the Red Sea, Paracheilinus rennyae comes from*southwestern Flores Island in the Lesser Sunda island chain of Indonesia.

    The new species of flasher wrasse from Southern Indonesia is distinguished from a complete lack of fin or filaments extensions, like the Red Sea 8-line flasher wrasse. However, the color pattern and genetic analysis indicates Paracheilinus rennyae is most closely related to*P. angulatus*from the Philippines and northern Borneo.

    For all the “dregs” of enw specie swe have to dig through to find the gems, the new Paracheillinus rennyae is sure to get the wrasse and flasher wrasse lovers excited. There really isn’t any collection of aquarium fish in Flores that we know, some corals here and there, but if history is any indication it’ll probably be a matter of time until we can learn more about the new*Paracheilinus rennyae*from carefully observed aquarium specimens.
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