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    Paracheilinus piscilineatus, the Mauritius flasher wrasse, is an interesting species of wrasse which we’ve yet to ever see in person. Found only in the tiny biogeographic zone of Mauritius, P. piscilineatus is a regionally endemic wrasse species that was recently imported to Japan by Yadokariya. If you’ll recall, Yadokariya is the Japanese LFS which also acquired the short-lived baby oarfish and they’ve recently been involved in some interesting imports from Mauritius. The Mauritian flasher wrasse is the first of Yadokariya new fish to be featured, and the male alone is being offered for sale for the princely sum of ¥118,000, or just shy of $1500. Big thanks to Yadokariya for sharing their original images of the rare Paracheilinus piscilineatus with us, a few more of which are after the break.


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