RSS Paracentropyge multifasciatus x P. venustus hybrid is just dead drop gorgeous

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    This Paracentropyge multifasciatus x Paracentropyge venustus hybrid is one of those rare fish that should get even people not into rare fish crave extremely excited. It is really just a stunning beauty of nature. The pictures alone of which might have you grasp for air.

    Rare would be an understatement for this Paracentropyge hybrid as similar fish made it to Japan back in 2008 and Kiyoshi Endoh documented the first one of it’s kind appearing in Japan over 20 years ago in the book Angelfishes of the World, making this only the third documented hybrid of its kind.

    Interestingly according to Glassbox-design, the P. multifasciatus x P. venustus appearing in 2008 was extremely feisty, and quite the opposite of its shy parents, bullying other fish in the tank and eating prepared food very readily. Also noted is that particular hybrid maintained its full, intense coloration two years after it was collected. Hopefully this tiny 6cm beauty (under 2.5 inches) will show similar traits.

    Photo credit to LSS laboratory

    [via LSS Laboratory]
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