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    Ecoxotic’s Pamorama Pro LED modules will soon be available in longer sizes and all sizes will be mountable with a forthcoming bracket. The bracket for the Panorama Pro modules neatly screws into the heatsink of the striplight and it is fully adjustable so that both ends of the striplight can comfortably hug the sides of any square-ended aquarium – these won’t cost very much, perhaps not more than $8 or $10 once it travels up the retail sales channels.

    It’s amazing how a small piece of sheet metal can be transformed into an accessory that turns the Panorama Pro LED strips from just a simple module in the Panorama fixture or a supplemental LED striplight to a stand-alone solution for lighting up small and large tanks, and looking good while doing it too.The longer Panorama Pro LED modules are still a ways off from distributing to the aquarium market but you can expect two, three and four foot lengths which will cost a reasonable multiplier of their 12 inch, 19 watt counterpart.

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