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    panorama-pro-nuvo-aquarium.jpg the 24" Ecoxotic Panorama Pro almost disappears on top of the Mini 38 Nuvo aquarium from Innovative Marine

    The Nuvo aquarium series from Innovative Marine is a hot-selling reef aquarium package which is designed to pair up with the Skkye LED tablet but it also plays especially nice with another LED aquarium light.*While*at Aquamart in Lakewood Colorado this weekend, we noticed they had an Ecoxotic Panorama Pro LED light nestled atop a Nuvo Mini 38 aquarium on which it fit curiously well.

    The Nuvo Micro 38 and the Panorama Pro LED are both 24 inches long and equally wide but it’s the near identical corner radius of both products which makes the Nuvo Mini 38 and Panorama Pro a great couple. If you are in the market for a Nuvo Mini 38 but aren’t into the open top look or want a little bit more future-proof flexibility in an LED light fixture, check out the additional pics after the break of how well the Panorama Pro LED and the Nuvo Mini 38 go together.*

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