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    The Panorama Pro Fixture from Ecoxotic is a new LED aquarium light that is sure to please a very diverse crowd of coral lighting needs. In contrast to the rigid fixture design we’ve seen from almost all the major LED guys, the Panorama Pro fixture is inherently*modular since it’s basically a really cool place to mount Panorama Pro LED strips, no matter what colors you have.

    The initial release of the Panorama Pro fixture is a 24 inch version (60 cm), but an 18 inch Panorama Pro fixture will come later. The 24 inch Panorama Pro fixture comes with five Panorama Pro LED strips for a total of 95 watts and this entire two inch thick package is going to run $499. That base price gets you three of the 12,000K Panorama Pro strips, two all 445nm blue LED, reflectors for all of them and inline dimmers on every light.*


    The Panorama Pro Fixture has changed little since we first spied a Panorama Pro fixture prototype at MACNA and although we’re kind of missing the grilled top of the earlier model, the new fixture does look even more stealth. What you won’t get in the box is some kind of mounting option, of which there are plenty including tank, wall, stand mounts and a hanging kit.

    What is most novel about the Panorama Pro Fixture is that it’s loaded up with some serious LED firepower but if you want more or different Panorama Pro strips, the Panorama Pro fixture is all kinds of ready to accept up to four more LED strippy strips. If the new Ecoxotic Panorama Pro fixture sounds like your type, they are available for pre-order on the Ecoxotic website and will be widely available nationwide very soon.

    Click here to view the embedded video.


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