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    The Panorama Marine LED and Panorama Actinic LED are two new fixtures from Ecoxotic which take the very popular Panorama Pro striplights (now simply known as Panorama) and extends them to accomodate longer tank lengths. Whereas the previous 18″ Panorama strips were good for sticking in small tight spaces, marine aquarium owners have long been asking for longer versions of them to accomodate larger tanks. The new Ecoxotic Panorama Marine and Actinic LED fixtures are equipped with a single long common reflector, tank mounting brackets and retrofit kit to fasten them into a canopy.

    Both of Ecoxotic’s Panorama Marine and Actinic LED fixtures are dimmable and come in 24, 36, and 48 inch lengths, which will consume 25, 35 and 50 watts respectively. The Panorama Actinic LED fixture have a suggested retail of $200 for two feet, $250 for three feet and $300 for four feet and the Panorama Marine LED costing $10 more. Better yet, the Panorama Marine LED also includes two channel control for*independently adjusting the intensity of the 12,000K white and 445nm blue LEDs.

    As far as we can tell, the Panorama Actinic LED fixture will be some of the longest and brightest blue LED striplight available in the aquarium market, rivaled only by the Gen3 SunBrite LED strip tubes equipped with Cree XP LEDs. Ecoxotic’s Panorama Marine and Actinic LED striplight-fixtures will likely be a top choice for high output T5 users to start incorporating the awesome fluorescence excitation that comes only from narrow-bandwidth emitting blue LEDs. Ecoxotic has already begun to ship the new lengths of the Panorama Marine and Panorama Actinic LED striplight-fixtures to their distributors so American reefers should be able to start putting them to work very soon. [Ecoxotic]

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