RSS Panda Banggai cardinalfish is the first captive strain of this iconic reef fish

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    panda-banggai-cardinalfish-4.jpg The Panda Banggai Cardinalfish is an exciting new strain of Pterapogon kauderni which is a huge achievement for a fish which has captivated the hearts and minds of so many fish lovers. Hailing from a huge operation of banggai cardinalfish aquaculture, the Panda Banggai or the Panda Kauderni features a back half which is almost all black.


    From the second stripe to the ends of the caudal peduncle and the tail fin, the skin of the Panda Banggai is dark black, bringing a strong contrast to the Banggai’s brilliant silvery white spots and stripes. There several Panda Banggai cardinalfish which were spotted in a particular batch of captive bred from Indonesia and imported by Tropical Marine Centre. It is still unknown if this is a stable mutation or whether the Panda Banggai will be able to be line bred like other designer clownfish but either way, the development of mostly black Panda Banggai cardinalfish with screaming silvery-white spots would be an incredible sight to see.

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