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    palauastrea.jpg Palauastrea ramosa is an interesting small polyp stony coral which despite having a broad geographic distribution is all but unknown in the aquarium. Looking somewhat like a cross between a*Montipora digitata*and a thick branched*bird nest coral,*Palauastrea*is actually related to*Seriatopora,*Pocillopora and Stylophora.*

    All pictures of this rare species show a coral with light brown tissue and simple white polyps – with such a nondescript appearance it’s possible that*Palauastrea*has already been imported mistakenly as a*Seriatopora*or*M. digitata. Thankfully, the serious coral farmers at Bali Aquarium have recently come across some broodstock colonies which will be put into culture alongside some other great soft, stony large and small polyp corals.

    We are curious to know whether*Palauastrea*is a shallow water high energy or deep water lower energy sort of SPS, but it is only known to occur in light brown or cream colors. Despite not having a*known colorful form, like so many other corals with an understated look ,such as*Anacropora*and Stylocoeniella,*the diehard coral collectors will*always*find something to love about them. [AIMS]



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