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    The Palau Deep Reef collection video is infamous for documenting some of our best deep diving ichthyologists “at work” while sounding like Donald Duck. First revealed to the aquarium hobby during the 2008 MACNA Keynote in Atlanta, this video has since been shared in parts online but thanks to Brian Greene, we can now enjoy the entire video and the shenanigans it features.

    We don’t know if it’s the helium or the sheer thrill of discovery at 400 feet but if we didn’t know anything about these guys we would assume they are high based on their amusingly childish antics. But make no mistake about it, this video and the dive it documents is real serious work, and it yielded a treasure trove of deep reef fish species.

    [​IMG]This collection bucket is bursting at the seams with incredible and super rare, deep living reef fish. Rich Pyle is holding a clear bucket with one Centropyge abei, one Tosanoides flavofasciatus, one Chromis abyssusone unknown Prognathodes butterflyfish and a Symphysanodon as well.[​IMG]This video is an oldie but a goodie and once again, this is the first time the entire segment has been shared with all the world to see. We can only imagine how many more honeypots of exciting and rare reef fish like this exist around the world and how many more discoveries are just waiting for a group of guys like these to dive down there.

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