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    Yellow blue-spot jawfish are real and although we’ve seen one before, we didn’t realize they were a thing until SDC got some in. Exactly two small juveniles of the blue-spot jawfish arrived at Sea Dwelling Creatures originating from Mexico with an*exceptionally*xanthic color pattern.

    One of these yellow blue-spot jawfish is pictured above by SDC rep James Smith who shared this very unusual strain of*Opistognathus rosenblatti. Ross Robertson does describe juveniles of the blue spot jawfish as being yellow, and we know that adults grow into a more brownish color with a burnt-orange head but full grown, yellow blue-spots exist too.

    Pictured below you can see that a cursory search yielded a handful of images of the undocumented yellow blue-spot jawfish, so some specimens do grow up into these unusual and gorgeous looking fish. If you want to jump on one of these rare yellow blue-spot jawfish better call James and drop us a line to let us know how the fish settles in and grows up.

    Opistognathus_rosenblatti-yellow.jpg A yellow blue spot jawfish photographed by Gerald Allen

    yellow-blue-spotted-jawfish-3.jpg This blue spot jawfish has a very yellow body coloration as well as somewhat smallish blue spots. Photo James Fatheree

    yellow-blue-spotted-jawfish-2.jpg This yellow blue spot jawfish looks very much like the one above, photgrapher unknown.

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