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    We just got word of a few software and firmware upgrades for Pacific Sun aquarium light owners that will be rolled out in the next few days. Firmware updates are listed below but it appears the software has some interesting advancements. Granted all you Mac heads will not like it but those running Windows will be able to take advantage of the updates. There are also plans to update the Andorid application for mobile devices shortly as well. All the full details are after the jump.

    Pacific Sun publish software and firmware for the following lamps:

    • Pacific Sun Black Python, 110W, 160W, 200W AE — with actual firmware 1.6x or later
    • Pacific Sun Phobos / Deimos 110W/160W/200W — with actual firmware 1.6x or later
    • Pacific Sun IO 78W/100W AE — with actual firmware 1.6x or later
    • Pacific Sun Black Python XM 140W
    • Pacific Sun Metis CRP / XM
    • Pacific Sun Pandora XM
    • Pacific Sun Metis Hyperion R1
    The new software includes:

    • Simulation of seasons (variable color and light intensity dependent on current season)
    • Export and import files PAR (changing light conditions during the day)
    • Improved cooperation with external controllers, such as GHL, Digital Aquatics and Neptune
    • Current charts PAR light for different settings
    • Modified PAR simulation method for smooth dawn-to-dusk cycle
    • Information about the current temperature and light model and an integrated management system module for Tunze pump control (module available from January 2012),with continuous power and simulation of weather
    • Advanced system of displaying the contents of the LCD screen

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