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8 May 2007
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The Pacific Sun Sentry ATO is another option for those of you looking for an upgrade to your auto-topoff control system. Coming in two different models to tap into a pump or to connect directly to your RO/DI system, the Sentry ATO uses an optical sensor to indicate water levels.

Announced this summer and shipping since last month, the Pacific Sun Sentry ATO comes with everything you need to get you set up and running — the main Sentry ATO unit, optical water sensor and holder, DC pump or solenoid valve, tubing holder and power supply.

Beyond just a sensor, the Pacific Sun Sentry ATO is programmable, features light and audio alarms and some safety functions to ensure you don’t burn out your pumps. The Sentry is designed to take a reading every few second and if it fails to filling up after 20 cycles, the Sentry will shut down the pump or solenoid to the RO. You will also be alerted with an audio and visual alarm. There are other solid features too, like manual filling mode, setting the sensor for high water levels. etc.

The Pacific Sun Sentry ATO is now shipping and retails for €99.50 (around $110 USD) and you can still grab it for €79.99 (around $90 USD) by using the code “sentry” at checkout on the Pacific Sun website.

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