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8 May 2007
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Pacific Sun LED has been has been making interesting LED lights in Poland for several years now, and they’ve once again secured a distribution deal in North America. Deepwater Aquatics which has racked up a few exclusives including their BLDC pump and Aquaforest products has now become the exclusive distributor for Pacific Sun LED lights as well.

Pacific Sun LED has been carving up its own niche of the marine aquarium market for some time, and gaining attention for designing quite a different reef LED fixture. Where most major players have settled on designing and building single modular lights with LEDs clustered for best color blending, Pacific Sun is still experimenting with a wide range of form factors.

The stable of aquarium LED lights made by Pacific Sun include long complete fixtures, hybrid LED & T5 lights, and they’ve even branched out to design a few dosing pumps systems, protein skimmers and even an Auto Top Off system. At first we saw Pacific Sun LED products as a novelty aquarium light but with many of their products also now incorporating the same wireless control protocol and even a wifi bridge to put them all online, Pacific Sun is much easier to consider for many different aspects of the home aquarium.

The first shipment of Pacific Sun LED aquarium products is now on its way to Deepwater Aquatics and we’re really interested to see how the U.S. pricing shakes out. Considering the dollar is currently very strong, we are hoping that Pacific Sun LED lights and the Kore 5th doser see a very favorable currency exchange when retail prices are announced.

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