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    Pacific Sun, the European manufacturer of high end LEDs has announced several updates to their product portfolio. Feeling the heat from North American based EcoTech Marine, Pacific Sun has pushed out press images of their in-development iOS app that will be available for compatible devices sometime in the fall of this year. The app is said to give communications ability to your lights via the remote app, which will compete head to head with Ecosmart Live, web based software that allows you to control your lighting anywhere in the world including on popular mobile devices.


    For those keeping count at home, the Pacific Sun’s iOS app will be in addition to the android software, seen most recently in the Xtouch hardware layout that Pacific Sun has teased us with recently. The android software is rumored to be complete; however, we have not yet seen the software to hit the Google Play store, Google’s take on Apple’s original App store which is currently home to over 500,000 apps. The Android software should be a refresh to the already existing Android software currently available in beta form. *The new application will allow you to control several features that are currently only available to the mac software platform, a drawback that has left some users grumbling on the availability of the “shipping status” of the full mobile (not beta) application.

    Custom PAR programs seem to be the fancy of the Pacific Sun crew, and with the release of “Hawaiian Lighting” and “Bali Lighting” programs you can recreate the lighting found in Hawaiian and Bali reefs respectively.* These two lighting programs are available for the 8-channel Hyperion R2 LED system, with a few updates needed to get the programs running on the 9-channel Triton, and 10-channel Triton 2 LED light. It seems that Pacific Sun is indeed staying with the Pacific side of things—for now.
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