RSS Pacific Sun announces CruX IS-200 and CruX IS-400 internal protein skimmers

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    Pacific Sun released information on its latest gadgets, the CruX IS-200 and CruX IS-400 DC internal protein skimmer. The new skimmers are made from clear and red acrylic with white and red accessories to give it a cohesive look.

    The CruX IS-400 is a larger, more powerful skimmer than the IS-200. The new CruX IS-400 is powered by two DC inverter-controlled pumps pushing 3000 l/h water output and 1400 l/h air intake (around 800 GPH of water at 370 GPH air intake) and is designed to handle aquariums up to 400 gallons (1500 liters). Included in the price are pump speed controllers, each with 20 power steps and a feed button with auto-start, the two 30W energy efficient DC inverter pumps. The skimmer measures in at 340 x 410 x 570 mm (around 13. x 16.25 x 22.5 in.) and will retail around £699.95 (approx. $1,075 USD).

    The CruX IS-200 is powered by one DC pump with external controller with the same 20 power steps and a feed button with auto-start as the IS-400. The skimmer is rates for water flow up to 4000 l/h (1,060 GPH) and air flow up to 1800 l/h for tanks from 150-265 gallons (600-1000l). It measures in at 290 x 250 x 540 mm (11.5 x 10 x 22 in.) and will retail for £450.95 (approx. $685 USD).


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