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    Pacific Sun is launching a unique Android app that taps into the accellerometer to control lighting. The Pacific Sun Android app is available for Android 2.x and higher and allows you to tilt your phone left or right to shift the color temperature from blue to white and forward and backwards to control lighting intensity.

    Apple iOS applications and games really spurred the accelerometer feature as a distinct part of an application and its nice to see this*translated*to an app that powers your light. Sure external remote controls are fun but they are so passe. The age of the mobile device being ruler of more than just your phone, text and email communications is upon us and is great to have this power in your pocket. The app is in beta right now and may not be fully stable but it looks fun and promising.

    Once you have the app downloaded, just pair of the device with your Bluetooth to access the*controllability. Tilt your phone to the left to crank up the white side of the color temperature spectrum and tilt it right to ratchet up the blue end of the spectrum. If you tilt the phone towards you it decreases the light’s intensity and tilting it back will increase the power.

    So all you Pacific Sun owners with the following lamps, you are in luck and can use this system:

    • Black Python CRP 110,160,200W with firmware 1.70 or higher and all models Black Python XM 140W
    • Metis XM/CRP
    • IO/Galileo(with computer)
    • Pandora XM
    • Europa (MH, T5 and LED)
    • Triton (Lifi, T5 and LED)
    The company plans on rolling out apps for other devices including the iOS versions for iPhone and iPad in the next few weeks as well as a Windows version shortly thereafter. To download the app visit the Pacific Sun website.

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