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    Pacific Sun recently announced two new T5 tubes, an Ultra Wide UV and BlueEX, to its mix of T5 tubes. Although the industry is dominated by LED as of late, T5 is still holding strong and we are still seeing companies on the hunt for the perfect blend of phosphors for reef applications, especially in the supplementation arena.

    The BlueEX is a unique bulb that is a multiphosphor tube to give you a super-dark blue color, but the kicker is that it also incorporates UV spectrum for better coral pigmentation. The Ultra Wide UV is a muted turquoise color that will supplement your aquarium with a nice balance of UV spectrum.

    [​IMG]The new Pacific Sun BlueEX bulb (3rd from the left) and Ultra Wide UV (4th from left) along with other Pacific Sun T5s.

    We have added the spectrum charts for you to compare and contrast against other lighting in the industry to see how these new bulbs stack up. One of the more interesting items in the post we found online is a coral pigmentation chart and how different color pigments respond to different light wavelengths.

    If you are looking to add these to your system, Pacific Sun expects to have the bulbs available from distributors by December.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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