RSS Pacific Sun adds Automatic Water Change (AWC) module for Kore 5th dosing system

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    Pacific Sun just released an Automatic Water Change (AWC) module for it Kore 5th dosing system. As aquarium control systems and other peripherals mature, the additional of other features like this are a welcome addition to maximize the overall benefit of the base unit.

    The Kore AWC is built with two DC adjustable speed pumps that allow for fast and extremely quiet water changes to keep the system clean and stable. Instead of wholesale water changes in the 10-20% range like some AWC products, the Kore AWC actually completes 168 small water changes weekly with the volume exchanged defined in the application. This AWC is compatible with all versions of Kore 5th dosing stations — Kore 5th Base Unit, Kore 5th Regular and Kore 5th Pro — and retails for €49 via the online shop.

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