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    The Pacific Sun introduced the Pacific Sun Triton R2 as the latest modular LED aquarium fixture in the company’s impressive line of products. The Pacific Sun Triton R2 features a blend of 10 different LEDs grouped into eight channels of control and is available as either master or slave unit.

    Pacific Sun based the Triton R2 175W fixture on Cree LEDs sporting a majority of the output with cool and neutral white Cree Xlamp XM-L LEDs along with both 450nm and 465nm Cree Xlamp XT-E diodes. But the Triton R2 doesn’t stop there adding 475nm blue, orange, green and red colored LEDs and even UV-A 400 and 420nm LEDs.

    The LED breakdown for the Pacific Sun Triton R2 is:

    • 12 Cree Xlamp XM-L 180lm/W ((8) Cool White & (4) Neutral White)
    • 6 Cree Xlamp XT-E 450nm 575mW/W
    • 6 Cree Xlamp XT-E 465nm 575mW/W
    • 2 Cree Xlamp XP-E 475nm
    • 1 Cree Xlamp XP-E Orange 610nm
    • 4 Cree Xlamp XP-E Green 525nm
    • 1 Cree Xlamp XP-E Red 630nm
    • 5 UV-A 400 & 420nm
    The Pacific Sun Triton R2 is actively cooled using uber-silent MagLev (magnetic levitation) technology to improve performance and reduce noise. Since the MagLev fans feature no contact between the shaft and the bearing, resulting in no friction and fan wobble, they run at a mere 14dB each. The system also features overheating protection with built in LED temperature sensor.

    The Triton R2 measures in at 14.5 x 8 x 2.5 in. (approximately 370 x 210 x 60mm) with an effective coverage area around 24 x 30 in. The Triton R2 can easily be mounted on the tank using the expandable spider mounting legs or via a hanging kit.

    Programming can be done on either a PC (Windows XP/7 and Mac OS X compatable) or via Andoid tablets, iPhones and the iPad.

    The fixtures feature a backlit LCD screen and the Pacific Sun Triton master unit comes with the wireless computer inside as either Bluetooth (R2 model) or WiFi (R3 model) that can control up to 99 slave units. If you are an owner of a GHL controller, the slave unit comes from the factory with built in compatibility.

    The Triton will retail around €981 (approx. $$1,250 USD) for the master unit and €873 (approx. $1,112 USD) for the slave unit. Preorders will be taken starting May 20 and the units will begin shipping the second half of June.

















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