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    Crosshatch-triggerfish-hybrid1.jpg A beautiful 6 inch hybrid between the Crosshatch triggerfish and the Blue throat triggerfish.

    Pacific Island Aquatics adds another feather to its cap with this beautiful adult hybrid triggerfish. You may remember LiveAquaria‘s stunning specimen earlier this year of the same rare hybrid between the Crosshatch triggerfish and the Blue Throat triggerfish. This hybrid is not only rare, but very beautiful and features delicate hints of both its parental lineages.*


    Unlike the previous one by LiveAquaria, the bluethroat triggerfish characteristic is stronger in this specimen and it shows in the blue coloration around the mouth and chin area. A prominent feature for this mix is the opaque sky blue tail outlined in orange, which is coincidentally quite similar for the hybrid between the Achilles tang and the Powder black Tang. *Triggerfish hybrids*are very rare and hardly ever seen and we’re blessed to see two of these appearing in the same year.


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