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    Oziris is a company from Israel you’ve likely never heard of before, so it will probably come to a surprise that they are looking to breathe* new life into the T5 bulb with the release of their new fixtures.* With LEDs dominating Reef Builders, seemingly reducing Metal Halides and T5′s to a mere memory, it is extremely refreshing to see a new company such as Oziri stepping up to the T5 game. As much as it might appear to the online connected reefer that T5 flourescent have no longer a place in the hobby, quite the contrary is still true. Although T5 bulbs might not have the same status in the hobby they once had, they are far from the brink of extinction.The fact that a brand new company is able to enter an established market alone proves just that. All the Juicy details of the Oziris T5 fixtures can be found after the break.

    The form factor of the Oziris T5 fixtures is much based on the pendant design we were all so familiar with. It might not be a thin as the maxspect Razor, but that is unreasonable to expect in the first place. Beside the Oziris fixtures aren’t about being the greatest of the greatest, featuring the best technology and the smallest possible footprint, they are meant to be solidly build fixtures that just do what you expect them to do without many bells and whistles. Build with high quality aluminum and custom highly reflective individual reflectors we’re sure that they will do just that.

    The Oziris T5 lights are available in any color of the rainbow, so you can add some custom colors to your system if you prefer. The Oziris fixtures will come in 8 bulb and 12 bulb configurations in lengths of 100 cm, 120cm, 150cm and 180cm (~40, 48, 60, and 70 inches respectively). Currently only available within Israel, final pricing is not yet known but Oziris lighting*says they should be available in Europe and the US soon.









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