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    Oxypora is a genus of the popular chalice corals which doesn’t get the proper recognition it deserves but that’s about to change. Global Reef Supply is at it again with another, singular, post-worthy specimen of a wondrous colony of multicolored*Oxypora. To date almost all of the crazy colored chalice corals including Gonzo’s batch have been of the*Echinophyllia*variety. A few of them were Oxys but they were more muted than the Echinos.

    By contrast this freaky chalice coral is as brilliant as any of them, it’s an*Oxypora and it may be one of our favorite yet. We’ve got a few variations on the dark to light grey*Oxypora with the green eyes but this one is going on deep blue with green eyes, light blue spine highlights and wicked swirls of vivid orange and green and a couple splotches of red – holy moly guacamole!

    What is*exceptionally*exciting about the rainbow Oxypora chalice is that Oxypora lacera usually grows much faster than*Echinophyllia, it’s much hardier too which means that this Oxy strain, whatever goofy name ends up on it, is*likely*to outpace all the limited-edition $500 per molecule*Echinophyllia corals out there. For sure, the rainbow Oxypora chalice is a great broodstock colony and we won’t have to wonder too long where it went because its future owner will be sure to let the world know.

    rainbow-oxypora-chalice-coral-4.jpg rainbow-oxypora-chalice-coral-1.jpg
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