RSS Owner of Salt Water Connection faces up to $1M in fines, possible jail time

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    Crime just doesn’t pay folks, it will eventually catch up to you. Such was the case of the owner from Salt Water Connection, Jason Daeninck. Jason was arrested in 2007 for importing 20,000 pounds of live rock, the type that has been encrusted by corals which is illegal without an international permit. “Daeninck fought his case at trial, claiming he had actually ordered another type of rock which didn’t contain coral for the purpose of building a fence in Winnipeg, like one he’d seen on a visit to Indonesia. Daeninck claimed there must have been a mistake in the order and that he wasn’t responsible.” The judge wasn’t amused and Jason was found guilty on “18 charges under the federal Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act.” He will face up to one million dollars in fines, along with probably jail time.

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    [Winnipeg Free Press]
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