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Discussion in 'Beginner Discussions' started by Randywizard, 25 Apr 2014.

  1. Randywizard


    27 Aug 2013
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    Hi guys,
    for all intensive purposes I am a newbie...

    my current setup is a boyu TL550 (128Lt) and is stocked with;
    large regal tang
    small yellow tang
    two small clowns
    two small cardinals
    a very small six stripe wrasse
    a very small gramma

    and some odds and ends for a CUC.

    they are all happy and in good health.

    I have replaced the skimmer and have good flow as well as orca bio nitra bio-cubes.

    my tank requires weekly water changes of about 10-20% plus total mechanical filter sponge cleaning and bi-monthly scrapping to keep it clean or else it gets a red/brown tint...what I presume to be detritus content against the glass and in the sand bed.

    my only parameter of concern is nitrate which peaks at about 30, tested just before weekly water changes and cleaning.

    yes yes a lot of info but that way questions are limited to relevant info...

    This brings me to the issue, I have an autofeeder with flakes that releases two small pinch sized doses a day and then I put in two moderate pinches of pellets in every evening.

    Am I over feeding, resulting in the nitrate increase, colour change and ultimately the water changes or is this appropriate for my livestock and tank size??

    any help would be great thanks!:blush:
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  3. hansiemyburgh


    7 Jan 2014
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    JHB - East Rand
    This is what I think,

    both the Tangs might out grow your tank. Just keep an eye on them.

    Regarding the feeding to me it sounds like you are over feeding. I have the following in a 40lt

    1 x Yellow/Purple Wrasse
    2 x clowns
    3 x Blue/green chromis
    and some CUC

    I only feed frozen food in the morning and some pellets in the afernoon. I only put in enough, within 2 mins all food is gone.

    I also have a TL550 but it is not stocked yet only fish in there is
    Sailfin/Algea Blenny
    Diamond Gobby
    Emerald Crab
    2 x Mexican Snails
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  4. Randywizard

    Randywizard Thread Starter

    27 Aug 2013
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    thanks Hansie,
    yes sadly I suspect they will outgrow it but by then I should have bigger tank or will sell them off to get new smaller ones.

    the food dissolves or is eaten or is in filter within 2 mins definitely?
  5. Nemos Janitor

    Nemos Janitor

    7 Feb 2009
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    Joe's Mountain
    My view is that one should feed as much as the inhabitances need to thrive.

    It is totally unacceptable to limit feeding of the inhabitants to suite water parameters. One must feed the creatures what is required and make sure the nutrient export is sufficient to cope with the bio-load.
  6. Potions


    4 Jul 2011
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    Cape Town
    Congrats on the tl550, I have to be honest though, I think that tank is way overstocked and you're heading for trouble :/ My advise would be to cut the amount of fish in the tank down to about 5, maybe 6 at a push. You may be fine now, but over the months you're going to have real hard time controlling nutrients and its going to stress your fish out. Not to mention that the cube shape of the 550 does not give nearly enough room or territory for all those fish. Just on a side note, a regal tang shouldn't be kept in a tank less than 4 foot in length, part of their nature is to swim up and down a lot, so they bound to get stressed in such a confined environment.

    Don't want to sound discouraging :) but rather would give this advise than everything crashes in a few months time.

    All the best for the setup!
  7. cbotes


    8 Apr 2014
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    I stepped into that trap on my first buy. Too many fish and overfeeding. Total wrong advice to a newbie. Sales for petshop of course. Learned a very hard lesson when I lost half of my fish due to overfeeding and overstocking.
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