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    Two Little Fishies has been offering their high quality substrates Outsanding Selections in several varieties for a few years now. This week the company announced their Outsanding Selections in a live aragonite sand form.

    Live sand, especially clean live sand pre-packaged in bags has been a really successful product both for fish stores, and for the people who use them to kickstart the nitrogen cycle in their new aquariums. The use of a packaged live sand such as the new Outsanding Selections is beneficial for setting up new tanks by inoculating the miniature ecosystem with beneficial bacteria.

    Two Little Fishies packages an especially high quality and attractive live sand in Outsanding Selections by selecting a substrate mix with bright white sand. This particularly attractive aragonite is peppered with pink foraminiferans, small shells and coralline algae flakes with a grain size between 1 to 3 millimeters.

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