RSS Ouch: Elos USA Increasing Pricing up to 10%

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    Elos USA, the United States arm of Elos Europe recently announced that starting in 2013, pricing would be increased by as much as 10%. The reason for the price increase? The cost of goods and labor has said to have gone up with Elos passing along the cost further on down the food chain. We’re not sure if the price increase is just for retail ***P or it includes dealer costs as well. On the flip side though, the case is being made that it is a great time to purchase an Italian aquarium before costs go up in the first part of the year.

    Elos has been on a rapid expansion project as of late, earlier this year offering several new products including Elos PrimaLine Marine additives, Elos Elite3S, System100 in addition to several flagship stores with the most recent being just outside of New York City.* Our friends in Europe and elsewhere have said they already ate the price increase, with the United States the last country to be impacted. Some might argue that Elos might cost enough already but if you want the premium Italian wares you can expect to pay more for it in 2013.

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