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    After I installed LEDs on my tank I looked for other uses for these great, energy saving devices. I have been using them for various indication lights since they were invented but now they make them much more powerful and you can use them for general lighting. I am sure that in a few years, they will be the only lighting available for just about everything.
    On my boat I have what in a car would be called courtesy lights. We use them on the boat when we anchor at night to light up the cabin area but I don't like leaving them on all night because of the drain on the battery.
    I have begun replacing the incandescent lights with DIY LED bulbs.
    This one pictures in the construction stage replaces the bulb on the workbench. It is the same size, puts out the same amount of light but uses 15 times less power so I can run it continousely with no fear of killing the battery.
    They do sell some types of 12 volt LED bulbs but they are almost $30.00 and I have not seen this type, although it may be out there someplace. Besides I like building things. This one cost me $5.00. The completed model has no wires visable and it plugs into the same socket as the other "rea" bulb.
    I love this stuff.

    Here is another DIY LED bulb that I will use to replace another bulb for my boat.
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