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8 May 2007
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The new Orphek Atlantik V3 LED pendant, the latest iteration of the company’s high-performance LED pendant, adds Wi-Fi and upgraded the LEDs to deliver even more flexibility and performance for reef installations. The Wi-Fi control along with its Android app make it easy to dial in the color you need.

In this version, Orphek upgraded all the diodes to 5W dual diode LEDs, increasing the number of LEDs chip from 40 to 80. The also tweaked the four LED channels making it easier to adjust the Kelvin temperature by adjusting the intensity in two channels. This allows you to easily modify your spectrum for your aquarium.

The company notes by adjusting channel 1 and 2 on the Atlantic V3 LED pendant, you can control the Kelvin temperature of the white and blue LEDs from 18,000K to 30,000K. Also by combining and adjusting Channel 2 and Channel 3, you can create more shimmer and get more florescence from your corals by adjusting the mixture of 410 to 460nm LEDs resulting in a wide array of color possibilities in the blue and violet color range.

For those looking for a shallow water spectrum, adjusting channel 1 and 4 allows you to create Kelvin temperatures between 10,000K and 18,000K for a warmer appearance.

Regularily priced at $650 USD, the Orphek Atlantik V3 has a special promo price of $500 plus a free Azurelite for the first 50 customers. The promo has been out since December 18 so make sure to contact them ASAP to see if the deal is still happening.

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