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    From this simple picture alone, this is probably one of the most exquisite tongue corals we have ever seen. Sent to us by Eye Catching Coral, the image of this already-rare orange morph of the tongue coral, Herpolitha limax, is double impressive for displaying a dizzying rainbow of additional colors on top of the already fluorescent orange tissue.

    We’ve seen psychedelic cycloserisi disc corals before that are orange with all kinds of variations in the degree of additional colors that they show, especially with green splattering and splotches. However this is the first time we’ve seen an orange Herpolitha tongue coral show such an insane coloration.

    If you look closely at the tentacle tips you can even see little purple balls of nematocysts that would look incredibly beautiful, and colorful in real life. Not since LiveAquaria’s impressive red-tentacle orange tongue coral have we seen a specimen of Herpolitha that is so exquisite. So hopefully this coral, or at least a part of it, will be treated to special culture and grow-out so that the strain can be distributed around the aquarium hobby.

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