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    We’ve seen the previous jaguar Indophyllia in green and red at Age of Aquariums and Cherry Corals before, now here’s here another in stunning orange. Or pink. The fleshy coral donned in spot pattern is a mixture of orangey pink with subtle green accents. Admittedly we were quite surprised to find it sitting in the display tank of a local fish store specialising in fish rather than corals.*

    [​IMG]A DSLR close up showing the unique spot pattern.

    The Fish Channel in Singapore earns its keeps from retailing primarily in fish, especially angelfish. That’s not to say that stony corals go unappreciated in this store, as seen by their rather exquisite taste in LPS. This stunning Indophyllia pictured far top captured with a digital smart phone shows just how gorgeous these under appreciated LPS can be.

    Taking a closer look at the fleshy polyp, the green and pink psychedelic spots can be more clearly appreciated. It’s not everyday we stumble upon a stunning and unique representation of a normally subdued coral. That’s why this hobby is filled with never ending surprises, and even age old aquarium favourites may some day decide to shed their stereotype and dazzle with couture-esque colors.
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