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8 May 2007
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The Coral Beauty is one of the most common and widely beloved species of pygmy angelfish. Centropyge bispinosa is collected and exported for the aquarium market by the thousands every year, and for the most part there is only subtle variation in their normal coloration from region to region.

Being such a widespread and common species, there are numerous colors, aberrations and otherwise special coral beauty angelfish from all over the world. However one well documented morph of C. bispinosa is the orange coral beauty, an unusual color variation which is nearly totally orange in color.

A rare golden orange coral beauty collected in the Philippines

Many of the bright orange color morphs of Coral Beauty originate from around the Coral Sea, including Australia and Vanuatu particularly. Cairns Marine’s ‘Golden Boy’ Coral Beauty is one memorable example from Australia. Today we received this image of a gorgeous orange coral beauty that was discovered quite a long distance away from the usual source of orange coral beauty angelfish in the Philippines.

Like the Koi Coral Beauty from years past, this particular orange coral beauty was collected in the Northern part of the island country, around Cebu. In addition to its nearly solid bright safety-orange coloration, this specimen also sports a bright green stripe through its tail fin, which potentially looks stunning under aquarium lighting. It’s hard to say how many of these orange coral beauties are discovered each, but we seem to spot them on our rare-fish-radar about once a year.

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