RSS ORA witnesses mass coral spawning in their culture systems

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    ORA is a name any aquarist is familiar with, their captive bred fish, especially weird clownfish morphs capturing the heart of many. Not to mention their frags were the first to serve as an example of how healthy encrusted frags should look like. It should thus be obvious how excited we are that some of the ORA broodstock is now spawning, since really, we can’t think of better candidates. Sexual reproduction is going to be the next big step in coral propagation, and if corals behave anything like flower anemones (hybridize two colorfull strains and you get even more colorful offspring) we might eventually see some crazy new designer coral*strains. Could you just imagine the potential?

    Obviously we shouldn’t get too excited yet since two corals spawning is still miles away from sexually breeding corals on a mass scale, but neither ORA nor these corals are going anywhere, anytime soon. It is clear the right conditions are there, so it is probably a matter of time before ORA sees another spawn and we all know what ORA is capable off. Let’s hope they have luck on their side.
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