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    ORA is looking for input for its next poster to add to its series. The ORA Maxima Clam poster, ORA Clownfish, and ORA Coral posters the company produced are getting such a warm reception, they are looking to the hobbyists and our readers to pick the next poster.

    We have come up with a couple of poster options and will tally the votes and the one with the most votes, and it just might end up put into production. Here are the nominees:

    Non-clownfish ORA Fish combination poster – We love ORA’s clownfish, but they have so many choices to choose from it would be great to see a nice variety in one place!

    Macro ORA Coral poster – Fish are nice, but we want CORAL! A nice macro shot of ORA’s awesome coral!

    Macro ORA Fish poster – More fish please! A nice macro shot of ORA’s awesome Fish!

    Every ORA Fish Ever combo poster – Can’t decide? How about ALL of ORA’s fish in one poster!

    ORA Mandarin poster – These little gems are hard to beat, how about one poster of just the ORA’s Mandarins?

    Just cast your votes below! We will keep things open until Friday, June 10 and then give the final votes to ORA.

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