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    Rapid LED was one of the first companies to see the value in DIY LED kits, and is still a great and popular DIY LED source for many. Now however they’ve decided to venture a bit outside of the DIY market, and are releasing an out of the box LED fixture, the Onyx. At $279 ($259 on pre-order) the onyx still allows the consumer to use LEDs without the associated cost and without the hassle of going DIY.* With only one color channel and no-dimming options you will be sorely disappointing if you expect any sort of controlling functionality out of the Onyx, but the Onyx does offer almost a hundred watts of LED power.


    At a first glance the Rapid LED Onyx appears to be like many of the OEM fixtures that pop up almost weekly, but the differences lies in the details. The biggest difference? The finish of the fixture. The cover you are looking at is actually rubberized plastic. It is not a design choice we would’ve made, but it is certainly different and has already been implemented in the edge of the Radion LED. Otherwise the fixture rocks a black anodized heatsink and a silent fan and actually looks quite sleek.

    The fixture uses five different colored LEDs in an arrangement of, 14 CREE XT-E Royal Blue LEDs,* eight XP-G Cool White LEDs, four Violet UV LEDs, one XP-E Green LED, and one Oslon 660nm Red LED. With an advertised wattage of “100 watt max” we can assume that each LED chip is run at a little over three watts. The Red and Green LEDs come with 100 degree default lenses and the rest of the LEDs can be purchased with either 60 or 80 degree lenses. The fixtures are expected to ship early 2013.


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