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8 May 2007
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The Flat One LED light from ONF Lighting in Taiwan is an interesting aquarium light which aims to make your aquarium look really good. Taking a design-first approach, the Flat One LED is precisely two feet long, 62.5cm, and with no adjustable legs, it will look extremely good lighting up tanks that match up to its specific dimensions.

ONF Lighting developed their Flat One LED with a range of LED chips to cover a broad spectrum of the visible spectrum with up to 70 watts of power. Better yet, the fixture from ONF includes very slim profile LEDs who’s light emission is passed through a broad and flat diffuser to virtually eliminate flitter lines, which some desire, but it does produce a very even light field distribution for optimum light capture by plants and corals.

The color of the Flat One can be controller via either overly designed hardware control panel on one edge of the light, or via bluetooth and the available smartphone app that gives users wireless control of this fancy light. Other lighting modes are also built in to the Flat One including a blue seawater mode for corals, a freshwater mode for plants, manual mode for dialing in what you want, and a natural mode that mimics the natural rise and fall of the sun. The Flat One control app also includes frivolous features such as fish lifetime ranking, and the ability to share the “status of your tank” to social media.

Priced at NTD$17,000 or about $516 in U.S. greenbacks, the ONF Flat One LED is not the kind of light that you might add to your existing aquarium. However if you’re looking for a simply beautiful LED light to use with a rimless glass tank in a modern kind of setting, the Flat One from ONF is a pretty compelling option. [ONF]

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