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    Exactly one year ago we shared with you an interesting modification to use a Tunze Nanostream as the primary filter and flow pump for an Ecosystem Aquarium EcoMini 28. As in the image above, when we look down into our 28 gallon EcoReef Two, we see a field of colorful corals and barely ever notice the quasi flush-mounted Tunze Nanostream.

    Normally a spontaneous DIY reef project needs constant refinement to keep things operating smoothly and to tackle the unforeseen obstacles that arise through long term non-standard usage. However, this is one DIY project which has performed flawlessly for 365 days with even less maintenance and attention than if the Tunze Nanostream had been mounted visibly inside the aquarium.

    This modification of the EcoMini 28′s filtration and flow system was initally created by drilling out a two inch hole in the last chamber of the rear filter chamber. A Tunze Nanostream 6025 was positioned against this round cut by using a cylinder behind it, essentially preserving the ability to aim the outlet of the Nanostream. Within a couple weeks it became clear that the 6025 was actually too much flow for this setup and it was replaced for a Nanostream 6015.

    For the last 11 months the 6015 has operated very quietly, drawing less than four watts of power while providing great flow throughout the entire aquarium and simultaneously driving a much greater flow rate through the filter than the stock centrifugal pump. In that period the Nanostream 6015 has only been removed for cleaning once, mostly as a precautionary measure and to inspect the water pump.

    What had been unplanned is that the placement of the pump body outside of light meant that Valonia and coralline algae could not grow on or inside the pump which prevented unwanted drag from impeding pump performance. We’ve got to say this is one of the luckiest and favoritest DIY reef projects we’ve ever done and we were rewarded by an affordable and quiet pump, driving both kinds of flow needs for this reef tank, while requiring less maintenance and being virtually invisible in the tank.

    We couldn’t be happier with this DIY modification of the Nanostream and this All-in-on aquarium and would probably never run another tank of this design any other way.

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