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    The One Touch Controller is Ecoxotic’s answer to unified control and adjustment of several LED lights across their range. The durable housing of the Ecoxotic One Touch Controller can handle two channels and 240 watts of LED control including on the fly adjustment of LED Cannons, Panorama Fixtures, Stunner LEDs all of which can be mixed and matched, up to two separate channels. Efcoxotic’s control box has a basic timer display and an infra-red remote – set the time and then a multitude of buttons on the remote allow you to set ramp time, moonlight and what time and duration the One Touch Controller will provide.*

    With the One Touch Controller you can basically have all your lights powered by one single power supply and the dead-simple remote makes it an easy sell for the retailers and uninitiated customers. Ecoxotic will soon be shipping the One Touch Controller on its own with a remote for $109 although some future packages of Panorama LED fixtures will be bundled with the new device and remote.

    Ecoxotics continued commitment to simplicity has resulted in an 2 Channel LED controller that will automatically set dawn, dusk and moonlighting all with the press of a button- no programming, no computer connection required. It’s compatible with all Ecoxotic 24 volt products including the new Panorama Marine and Actinic Blue. A limited number of beta units will available to the market for evaluation and feedback. They are full function units with warranty and a limited supply are at a discounted price. *Ecoxotic has taken a bold yet simple approach to providing a controller simple enough for everyone in the family to operate. Additional features include one touch fade for each channel creating a cloud cover effect and one touch moonlighting control.

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