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    coral-shop-profi-tower-dosing-pump-2.jpg coral-shop-profi-tower-dosing-pump-10.jpg

    The Coral-Shop Digital Dosing System ProfiTower is the rare kind of product which has been thoroughly engineered for maximum performance in a small package while looking practically like a piece of art. We first wrote about the DiDoSy ProfiTower from Coral Shop back in March and we featured a video of the Coral Shop dosing pump when we first laid eyes on it at Aquarama in Singapore. Coral-shop and DiDoSy were kind enough to put together this special edition Reef Builders Profi line dosing tower and after handling it over the weekend, there is no doubt that this device is one solid chunk of high quality craftsmanship.

    Looking at the Prof Line dosing tower is stimulating in a way that first seems complicated, because you can see all the moving parts inside, but there’s very little that the user actually has to fiddle with. Clearly labeled in and out ports on the back makes connection of the lines a breeze, plug it in and then set your dosing volume and frequency for each of the four dosing channels. Our Profi Line dosing tower didn’t come with any directions but with a very basic understanding of nesting menus, setting the clock and the parameters for each pump was extremely easy.

    If the polish of the Profi Line dosing tower wasn’t enough, there is also a bracket available for the Profi Line dosing tower and a ‘carriage’ that rides the edge of a sump or tank to neatly separate the four feed lines of the doser. We haven’t yet gotten the Profi Line dosing tower dosing anything, and although we’re not the biggest fans of balling, with such an elegant solution for dosing multiple solutions how could we not? The one guaranteed product which will be used with the Profi Line doser is Red Sea’s NO3PO4-X, which we’ve grown to love even more than vodka or biopellet dosing. stay tuned for an updated review of how Coral-shop’s Profi Line dosing tower works out for us but in the meantime, feel free to comment with suggestions on what we should dose in the other three channels.

    coral-shop-profi-tower-dosing-pump-9.jpg The Coral Shop Profi Lien dosing tower is very small, a little bit larger than a beer bottle.

    coral-shop-profi-tower-dosing-pump.jpg The Profi Line dosing tower's built-in controller cycles through the channels to let you know how much has been dispensed for the day

    coral-shop-profi-tower-dosing-pump-5.jpg All internal tubing and plumbing is neatly channeled through guide holes in acrylic holders

    coral-shop-profi-tower-dosing-pump-6.jpg Every dosing has a neatly labeled in and out port



    FTC regulations require that we inform you that we were given this product for review, but our opinion of a product is never affected by how we acquire them.
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