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    Any saltwater aquarists who’s been keeping fish or corals for some time knows that the freshwater aquarists have us trumped when it comes to making beautiful displays of aquarium nature. Most of this exposure to freshwater planted aquariums will be of the “Nature Aquarium” school of freshwater plants first started by the godfather of it all, Takashi Amano, but there is a whole lot more creativity and style being applied to the the art, particularly by pro aquascaper Oliver Knott. Mr. Knott’s freshwater exploits first crossed over to the pages of Reef Builders with his “Hallelujah Mountains” display of floating hardscapes and flatscreen TV background but that was a mere sample of his green thumb. We literally lost count of how many setups Oliver Knott was responsible for at InterZoo 2012 but this compilation video shows the many ways that Oliver Knott is pushing the envelope of aquarium aquascaping, you owe it to yourself to check out this five minute video of awesome aquariology.
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