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Discussion in 'New Members' started by Dieselpower, 24 Nov 2012.

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    HI Guys.

    Its nice to feel you can ask some questions as you go along with a tank, and get the correct information.

    Just to let you know where i am in my tank and where i want to get.
    I have had a tank for about 4 years now, but never managed to get it running correctly where i could keep corals as i have only had t5 lighting. I now have the T5, plus Halogen's and reflectors.
    I have recently moved my Tank to my new house and have put all new Ro water mixed with "Coral Salts"
    My live rocks are not too alive anymore as they were out the water for two days during the move. i am hoping they will regenerate. i am adding Aquaria Kalkwasser everyday to help with the rocks.

    I have been running my tank for just over three weeks now and from what i have ready i feel i am about half way through the phase. I know that this is a slow hobbie, and its the best way to go.. but i just want to make sure i am correct. The tank will get worse before it comes right.
    I had a phase of dark brown algae that has now gone, but i have extreamly long fine thin "Grass" growing. Is this part of cycling or is this because i need to cut down on lighting.

    I really want this tank to look like something incredible.

    Thanks Guys.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
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    Hello Dieselpower.

    Your live rock is now almost dead rock. Should have kept them in tubs. Anyway, all is not lost, only your cycle will rerun. Please keep the fish (if you do have) somewhere else, not in the tank while the cycle runs. The ammonia will burn their gills.

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