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    The Ogles Mesoscope is by and large, one of the most innovative and niche products ever conceived and created for the aquarium hobby. We were completely amazed when we began tinkering with the first model of the Mesoscope, and fall in love all over again when a couple years ago Ogles released a new and improved second version of their iconic aquarium viewing instrument.

    If there was ever one drawback to the Mesoscope it was its high price tag of $500 – a small price to pay for such a finely crafted tool of metal and glass precision, but nearly all reefers would rather drop half a grand on aquarium livestock, fish and corals, than a tool with which to observe them. You can therefore imagine our amazement today when it came to our attention that the Ogles Mesoscope had experienced a massive price cut.

    We’ve written ad nauseam about the virtues and merits of the Mesoscope, and the second generation of this device. With this viewing tool it is possible not only to create beautiful close-up pictures that go way beyond macros, but more importantly you can really see your corals, their polyps, the details of the tentacles and coenosteum and so much more. Easily the most practical use of the Mesoscope is to inspect corals in our aquariums for general signs of health and of course, any pests or parasites they may be harboring such as when we discovered an unknown Acropora parasite similar to the dreaded “Red Bug” Tegastes copepod.

    We would have been thrilled to report on a 20% price reduction of the Ogles Mesoscope but with the price now hovering around £129.95 which is just a tad over $200, serious reefers, coral farmers and professionals have no reason not to snap one up. At this price we also encourage reef clubs to buy one to have and loan out to club members much as clubs already do with PAR meters and other pricier equipment. [Ogles]
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    Anybody got one of these?
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    Not yet...but its officially on my list. Screw budget mode...

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