[wtd] Odyssea t5 quad (39wattx4) adapter

what wattage?
This is the sticker on the side of those lights.Its my brother's lights but he received 2 of them without any power supply

I got 2 units. Not sure if they are 39 or 54W. Need to confirm tonight.
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Thanks a lot. Who supplies them in South-Africa. He got two lights with no power adapter. Each light got two power cables attached to the light
As far as I know, they are part of Aquarium Depot product range.
Any shop selling Aquarium Depot products should be able to help.

Alternatively you should be able to build a power supply yourself. Communica or RS Components should be able to supply the connection. And the controller then would just be a remote ballast. Can get 39W dual ballast from any electrical wholesaler.
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