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    The Odontanthias from Puerto Rico that was discovered about a year ago has been formally described as Odontanthias hensleyi. The new Odontanthias hensleyi*was first discovered by some deep sea fisherman off the Western Coast of Puerto Rico and subsequent holotypes of O. hensleyi were collected at Mona Pass between Mona Island and Puerto Rico.

    It was quite a surprise not only to find an Odontanthias in the Caribbean, so far from the 13 other species of Odontanthias, but a beautiful one at that. Now we can only hope that the fish collecting submersible that’s been bringing up a ton of cool rare fish from Curacao can take a little sea trip and park itself in Mona Pass we could reasonably see some beautiful, semi-local Odontanthias hensleyi gracing marine aquariums in the next few years.
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